If you thought skiing was limited to winter and snow, this video (it’s an advertisement, of course) will make you think again.

One of the world’s greatest freeride-skiers of all time, Candide Thovex, exhibits his extraordinary skills by skiing across different terrains, including water, sand, grass, stone, soil and even volcanic ash – everything except snow.

The video shows Thovex skiing through parts of Europe, America and Asia down unconventional slopes at breathtaking speed on his specially designed freeride skis, steering clear of any snow. He effortlessly skis through an army of stone soldiers, past a waterfall, down an active volcano, through jungles and water and, most thrillingly, down the Great Wall of China. Oh, and he does all of this while also performing stunts like spins, flips and daring jumps over obstacles.

He surfed on water too. Yes, really.