Kunal Kamra’s Shut Up Ya Kunal has become a home-ground of sorts for anti-establishment political views – from dissent to activism a humorous manner – garnished with humour.

His latest guests were youth leaders Jignesh Mevani and Shehla Rashid. As fierce activists, the former an MLA from Gujarat and a Dalit activist, the latter the former vice-president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union and a prominent Leftist voice, they’re both frequently seen championing causes and are at the forefront of rallies and movements.

It was a change, thus, to catch them with Kamra. The session saw a level-headed, enlightening discussion on controversial topics ranging across the political spectrum – something one struggles to find on the news these days. This was interspersed with dabs of tongue-in-cheek humour even when the themes were weighty ones like caste, discrimination, reservation policies and democracy.

While the video speaks for itself, both Mevani and Rashid being very articulate, there were several moments of laughter, courtesy Kamra’s cheeky comic timing, which resulted in an argument between Arnab Goswami’s “good” and “bad” alter egos, and a clever mash-up involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the AIB song Udd Gaye.