Japanese researchers at the Takao Someya Research Group and the University of Tokyo have recently invented ultrathin, stretchable rubber sheets that can adhere to your skin. An electronic skin-like sheet, it monitors your crucial vital signs.

This wearable rubber sheet is loaded with micro-LED lights and stretchable wiring that acts like a LED display. It is hooked to an electrocardiogram machine that tracks and displays your heartbeat.

The outcome: you can see your vital signs on your skin. A red thumbs up will indicate a stable heartbeat.

This “skin” can stretch up to 45 percent of its original length, and can be worn for up to one week. The skin is connected to a wireless communication module that stores the data in an electronic cloud.

The idea behind it is that a doctor can monitor your vital signs no matter where you are. “In the future we envision human friendly skin electronics that will lead to improving the quality of human life”, says Takao Someya, a professor at the University of Tokyo in the video.