Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent visit to India was significant for many reasons. First, it was probably the first time a world leader’s outfits received more attention than his meetings. Secondly, Trudeau proved that he is more Indian than most of us – really, how many of us can make perfectly round rotis?

However, some people do think Trudeau tried a little too hard. We have already heard what people on Twitter has to say about Trudeau’s Bollywood outfits and his outlandish “Indian adventure”, but finally America’s talk-show hosts, our modern-day last word on every subject, have spoken.

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah thought “Justin Trudeau gets a little too woke on his trip to India” (video above), and started by drawing a comparison between him and the American President: “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it seems like as Donald Trump gets more and more un-woke, Justin Trudeau is compensating in the other direction. The only issue is, the Canadian PM keeps going too far.”

Admitting that Trudeau is still the greatest, Noah pointed out that when you look at the pictures, “The Indians all look like they showed up for a diplomatic conference, and [Trudeau] looked like he was auditioning for Jai Ho.” He even brought up Omar Abdullah’s tweet (below) to echo how Indians perceived Trudeau’s ostentatious outfits, which looked straight out of a wedding-wear catalogue.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, too, waded in to make fun of Trudeau’s “national dress pandering” (video below).


Oliver explained how Trudeau was already off to a rocky start, after receiving the “Modi snub”. But, he contended, “He didn’t help the situation by going in heavy on the national dress pandering with Indian outfit after Indian outfit - that seemed a bit much.”

“But Trudeau was actually lucky,” Oliver added, “because his trip was overshadowed by a visit from Donald Trump Jr.”

Here’s what Oliver had to say about that infamous interview.