Nichelle Medina and Eric Kahnert were anchoring a regular live broadcast for KFBM-TV. It was an ordinary day at their San Diego studio. The pair were teasing an upcoming segment on “Zoo Day”, and were about to cut to the break when a scarlet ibis flew in and plopped itself on the female anchor’s head.

The ibis, named Sophie, who is a resident of the San Diego Zoo in California, was in the studio for the segment. And she got so excited it couldn’t behave as good studio guests do, which is to wait for their turn,

“How’s that for an introduction?” joked Kahnert, reeling with laughter, though Medina remained surprisingly calm. The bird responded promptly, and aimed straight for Kahnert’s head.

Here is the entire video of what happened before and after Sophie alighted on the news anchors’ heads: