Creepy Indian men have turned into international memes for their proclivity to harass women by asking for “bobs and vagene”. From comments and messages on social media to messages on private cellphone numbers, it is an epidemic that has plagued countless women on the Internet.

Rarely will a woman, especially in India, find herself a stranger to such messages. They flood “message requests” and “direct messages” on social media sites and until now, the only cure for the plague has been a liberal use of the “block” button.

But sometimes, simply blocking the harassers or ignoring their messages isn’t a satisfactory response. Sometimes, the testosterone-fuelled strangers need to be served a dose of their own medicine. The video above, made by Terribly Tiny Tales, demonstrates just one of the many ways to rid yourself of such men.

The video shows a private chat between one such creep and a woman who taught him a lesson in a way that he’ll understand. The video is as part of a series by Terribly Tiny Tales called “Uglies”, which the social media storytelling platform calls “an anthology of private chats that you really shouldn’t be reading”. The series is based on true stories and leaked conversations from real people, and the aim of this particular segment was to help empower women with this particular issue on Women’s Day.