Yes, the National Rifle Association of America has its own TV network, and, like American talk show host John Oliver, we are surprised too. But don’t assume it’s all guns and violence. In fact, Oliver informed us that it might all be a bit ridiculous. He termed NRA TV the “dumbest, most transparent thing the NRA does”.

There’s good reason for that description. NRA TV programming is preposterous to say the least. They have infomercials, advertisements and actual TV shows celebrating guns, while simultaneously targeting select audiences – among them, women. With shows like Armed and Fabulous, the NRA hopes to attract more women with the line, “if you get the woman, you get the family”.

While we can continue to mock NRA TV, you can’t help but notice the latent aggression in their videos, pointed out Oliver. “If the NRA is a ferocious bear charging at you, then NRA TV is that bear’s ridiculous hat,” he said.