West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has found a new outlet for her poetry. Didi has turned writing lyrics for songs. Her first creation – a Durga Puja 2015 theme song set to music by Jeet Ganguly and sung by Shreya Ghoshal.

On the whole though, the music video seems to be less about Durga Puja and more about the bewilderingly different types of mothers one may encounter in Didi’s Bengal. The video moves between Kolkata and rural Bengal, showcasing a blissful, idyllic word.

A young boy in a checked shirt is ever-present in all the scenarios, seemingly finding an archetypical mother-like figure everywhere. Then there’s the Didi brush of secularism – the boy encounters mother-like figures at a traditional Bengali household, outside a mosque and among some sisters from the Missionaries of Charity.

To ensure viewers don’t overlook the point being made, the shot of each mother’s face helpfully dissolves to the face of Goddess Durga every single time. Talk about driving it home.

And the quality of the lyrics? Let's just say Kolkata's Tollywood lyricists are not exactly trembling in their boots. With lyrics which helpfully remind you that “Ma”, "Ammi" and “Mother” are identical (“Ma, ammi mother eki, bhuli ta ki kore?”; "How can we forget that Ma, ammi and mother are one and the same?") and declaring, Karan Johar style, that all mothers are images of the goddess Durga (“...shobma-i je eki debir roop”; "...all mothers are forms of the same goddess"), this is a song that cleverly adds "Maati" (the clay of the idol) and "Manush" (the people) to "Ma."