Ever since feminism and women empowerment became (almost) everyone’s concern, Women’s Day has become a battleground for brands to compete with campaigns to “celebrate” women.

Calling out the need for 24 hours of tokenism, going viral, and getting brand sponsorship, production company Tafreesh Peshkash has created the video above that, ironically, might well go viral too. The message, delivered by actor Sanjai Mishra playing a father of two: Stop celebrating Women’s Day. Because every day is Women’s Day.

It is, of course, a clichéd viewpoint, as is the insistence on referring to women as “mothers and sisters”. While the latter denies women an identity that isn’t linked to a man, and is therefore no less patriarchal than the mindset the video claims to combat, refusing to acknowledge Women’s Day is also a refusal to acknowledge the battles women have fought to secure their rights, which is what the day observes.

Still, to the extent that the video makes one think and ask questions, it does challenge the commercialised narrative of Women’s Day.