When the comedians over at All India Bakchod joined thousands of people in Mumbai on Valentine’s Day to shout “Pyaar ek dhoka hai” (love is deception), there was one man scamming our entire country at the same time, and getting away with it.

It’s only appropriate, then, that East India Comedy called their new video (above) a news-based outrage against the Nirav Modi scam, “Modi ek dhoka hai” (Modi is deception).

“What’s the issue with Modis and money? If we don’t deposit it in a bank, Narendra takes it away. And if we do, then Nirav takes it,” remarked comedian Sapan Verma. But only after the comedy group acknowledged “the shocking and untimely death we all witnessed last week – the death of journalism.”

Besides cheeky lines like “Nirav Modi, the man who puts the bank in bankrupt” and “You know your scam is badass when it makes Vijay Mallya look amateur”, don’t miss the twist at the end.