The Netflix show Black Mirror brought some troubling, yet intriguing aspects of the future of technology to its viewers. There was one episode in particular, titled “Be Right Back”, where technology aids a woman grieving over the death of her husband, by providing her with a substitute of sorts created using Artificial Intelligence.

Seemingly influenced by that specific episode and Spike Jonze’s Her, AGM, a Chinese phone company, applied a similar concept to market their new smartphone – the AGM X2 – resulting in a hilariously ingenious advertisement that you can watch in the videos above, and below.

Shot in two parts, the advertisement shows hospital staff appeasing a woman grieving over her husband’s death by informing her that they have transferred her husband to a smartphone.

In not many words, the advert continues to show off the phone’s capabilities in an increasingly creative manner that will certainly crack you up. It might even get you to buy the phone.