He might be the Mayor of London, but as a Muslim leader, Sadiq Khan is no stranger to abuse, Islamophobia, threats or racism.

In an endeavour to fight hate speech and get social media companies to crack down on it by tightening regulations, Khan posted a video (above) on Twitter, where he read out some of the racist, abusive tweets he has received in the past.

One of the disturbing tweets read, “I say KILL the Mayor of London and you will be rid of ONE Muslim Terrorist.” Another, even worse, said, “Muslims have no dignity. I wish Sadiq Khan would just blow himself up like they all do. He might get his 12 virgins.”

The aim of the video, clarified Khan, was not to be portrayed as a victim, but to drive home the fact that millions of people across the globe receive abuse like this on a daily basis on social media. The video stated:

“It’s on all of us to tackle this problem. Social media companies, governments, politicians, the media and you. Let’s work together to end this hate. It’s time to act on hate speech. #endthehate”