Growing up as a child in India means being surrounded by not just fussing relatives but also a welter of superstitions. Clip your nails before dark. Back up when a black cat crosses your way. Never pass a pair of scissors to anyone.

Some of these superstitions, like “touching wood” to avoid jinxing good luck, may be endearing, but most are borderline frustrating. However, whether you believe in them or not, there’s no getting away from them.

Raunaq Rajani, a stand-up comic who grew up in a conservative family, sees the funny side in these already absurd superstitions, serving them up cheekily in the video above. It’s not hard to relate to what he says – especially for those who grew up convinced that knocking heads once would lead to horns sprouting out of your head, so it’s best to do it twice.

As for those of us who constantly worry that we’ll be plagued with someone’s “nazar”, stand-up comic Kenny Sebastian’s breakdown of that superstition is right here.