In the latest episode of his show, Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver focussed his sharp commentary on US vice president Mike Pence – and also on his pet rabbit.

After reviewing several instances of Pence’s interviews and statements on homosexuality, same sex marriages, women in armed forces, and abortion, Oliver’s conclusion is that the Vice-President’s views on homosexuality are clearly cause for concern. Especially since he is probably the one person who won’t be fired from the White House.

However, Oliver couldn’t help appreciate Pence’s pet bunny rabbit Marlon Bundo. The rabbit, who has “an objectively good name for a bunny”, also has an Instagram account and even a children’s book written by the Pence family. And it just so happens (by total coincidence, of course) that Oliver has a book on Marlon Bundo too, titled A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo.

Unlike Pence’s book, this book is based on a story of a rabbit called Marlon Bundo who falls in love with another boy rabbit, and, despite facing agitation from authorities, they get married. The proceeds of Oliver’s book will be donated to LGBT organisations, and, as the talk show host said, “Selling more books than Pence would probably really piss him off.”