How often have you gazed lovingly into your pet’s eyes and wished they could talk to you? Twitter user Kesslie Haye, an Australian resident, was simply doing what most pets’ humans do – baby-talking to her dog Precious and telling her that she loves her.

Except this wasn’t like most other times. Because this time Precious, a mini Australian Shepherd dog, told Haye something that sounded pretty much like “I love you”.

The video has become an instant hit on social media, for obvious reasons. Turns out, though, that Haye’s Precious may not have been the first to say those three words. Here is a video of a husky doing the same thing:


The internet responded to Haye’s “precious” video by posting videos of their own dogs attempting the trick. Some of the pooches came pretty close.

However, in many cases the dogs simply ignored their owners’ loving attempts: