Getting bored in his apartment one night in 2017, American filmmaker Wylie Overstreet decided to take out his telescope to the sidewalk. Within a short while, passersby began to gather around and ask about his telescope. Soon, people were looking through the telescope and taking, many for the first time ever, a close-up look at the moon.

Their reaction was priceless. Every viewer was amazed at what they saw. Moved by their responses, Overstreet sought out filmmaker Alex Gorosh and decided to document this experience in A New View Of The Moon (video above).

Over the course of 18 months, the pair took the telescope to diverse locations across Los Angeles, where they documented the awed reactions of passersby properly looking at the moon. Most were overcome with wonder, exclaiming “wow” and “oh my god” or even “I kind of felt like I’d just landed on the moon”.