A monkey in China has become an internet sensation for having a face that looks remarkably human. The monkey, who is a black-capped capuchin, lives at the Tianjin Zoo, according to CGTN’s video (above).

The video makes it clear why the monkey has become so popular. It’s not just the face but the expression.

The shocked, bewildered look perfectly reflects confusion and anxiety that many of us living in 2018 feel. Is this the world, it seems to ask, I’m suppose to live in?

According to CGTN, the video has been viewed over eight million times since it was posted on March 19 on China’s social media platform Weibo. One person on Weibo reportedly asked, “Are you sure this is not the zookeeper?”

AsiaOne, however, reported that contrary to being confused and lost, the monkey is actually the leader of its troop. It also reported that another zookeeper claimed the monkey is recognised as human by facial-recognition phone apps.