You know how parents obsessively film their children growing up? Mindaugas Kriksciukas, from Garliava in Lithuania, was more interested in documenting the growth and transformation of a kidney bean into a fully-grown plant.

So he did just that. It obviously took a time-lapse video (above) to depict it. This one spans 25 days.

The video, posted on his YouTube channel GPhase, was shot through a soil cross section, which means the footage shows how the bean bursts, spreads its roots and burgeons into a full-grown plant with a stem and leaves. The engrossing video is only made more rivetting by Johan Strauss’ Blue Danube playing in the background.

Kriksciukas set his camera to shoot an image of the bean every nine minutes and 36 seconds. Which means the video above is the original footage playing at 17,280 times the speed. It took four attempts to be completed.