Earlier in March, a horrifying letter spread through the United Kingdom in the form of a flier advocating “Punish a Muslim Day”. The anonymous letter, which was sent to multiple people throughout the country, suggested that April 3 be declared “Punish a Muslim Day” and came with a list of points that would be awarded for acts of violence against Muslims: 10 points for verbal abuse, 100 points to beat up a Muslim, 1000 for burning or bombing a mosque, 2500 points for nuking Mecca and so on.

The outrageous letter sent out ripples of alarms not just nationally but around the world and prompted national counterterrorism investigation. The Muslim community, especially, felt terrorised. But not Hasan Minhaj, an American comedian of Indian origin, who also happens to be a Muslim.

Trevor Noah, talk show host of The Daily Show said to him in the video above, “I was horrified when I heard about this disgusting campaign. So I imagine as a Muslim person this must be deeply upsetting to you.”

Minhaj, however, had a cheeky response ready: “Actually Trevor, I’m optimistic. I know it’s scary but they’re proposing ‘Punish a Muslim Day’. Day, Trevor, one day. That’s 364 days less than normal.”

The comedian proposed that “brown folks” stay home on April 3, catch up on their favourite television shows and when they walked out on April 4, “Boom! Islamophobia done!”

In fact, it wasn’t the campaign that bothered him, but the way it was advocated. He asked the most important, yet hilarious, questions and offered up some advice to the people behind the campaign: “If you’re going to be racist, just step your game up.”