Will Smith’s charm may be irresistible to humans, but apparently it doesn’t work so well on robots. Because by the end of his date with Sophia the robot, he was well inside the friend zone.

A video (above) he posted to YouTube shows an exceedingly awkward date with the artificial intelligence humanoid who can supposedly display over 60 human facial expressions.

Smith turned on all his goofy charm and wit to win over Sophia, but even the robot’s expressions openly conveyed her reluctance and scepticism. When Smith cracked what can’t be called anything but a dad joke, Sophia retorted with facts, even telling him that his ’80s hip-hop music was “not for me”. (Ouch)

Sophia also brought up Smith’s role in the sci-fi film I, Robot where he plays a robot-hating detective. “They show us I, Robot just to make sure we don’t get any ideas,” she quipped.

The already painful date reached peak cringe levels when Smith made a move on the humanoid, listing her “clear head...literally” as one of the reasons he was so enamoured with her. When she rejected his charms, he pulled a classic man move, citing “developmental flaws”.

Sophia, meanwhile, reassured Jada Pinket Smitth, Smith’s wife, on twitter:

It is, of course, a joke video to show off what a robot can do, but frankly, if this is what humanoids are going to be doing in their free time, world domination isn’t coming anytime soon.