The lions thought they had an easy kill on their hands. The razor-sharp prey had other ideas.

A group of tourists was out on a night safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa, and stumbled upon a group of seven lions circling a porcupine, seemingly perplexed about how to attack this strange creature.

The porcupine, on its part, kept its quills flared at all times despite being cornered by the pride of lions. And every time it charged at them, it was the lions who retreated hurriedly, unsure of how to deal with the quills.

Hennie Bekker, Director at Private Kruger Safaris, who filmed the video above, said, “It was astounding to see how all these lions were unable to get the upper hand on the porcupine, as the porcupine cleverly kept his back towards them at all times”. Eventually, the lions gave up and walked off into the forest.