French filmmaker and music composer Pablo Mengin decided that one piece of art was just not enough for his music video. So he created more than 2,000 paintings for the animated music video of Scandal, a song made in collaboration with New York-based rapper Bashton, featuring Kira Skov and Maya Azucena.

Mengin, who goes by the moniker Megalopolis, is the artist and mastermind behind the breathtaking sequence of paintings in the video above. The music video is a four-minute moving painting that comprises over 2,000 paintings which took about 18 months to complete.

Scandal is about the relationship between man and the city, and how a city can make or break someone. Mengin told Lost at E Minor, “People move to a big city to find success, love, fame, happiness, or to get richer, you name it. But most times you have to give something in return to the city. It is a trade. You give your energy, your time or your youth to a city, and maybe you’ll get what you came for.”

The award-winning video has been screened at over 24 film festivals around the world. The song is from the album Dirt produced by Megalopolis.