In 1978, Khomdram Gambhir left his home in Manipur without leaving behind a trace. For forty years his family searched for him fruitlessly. It was only very recently that they came across a video of him alive and well, singing on the streets of Mumbai. In the process, a family was reunited, according to several reports.

The video above, posted by Manipur Trending Videos, was shot by a local photographer in Bandra, Mumba. He filmed a man on the street singing a song, and then asked him a few questions, which revealed the man’s name and his home, Khumbong, near Imphal in Manipur.

The video took a circuitous route and eventually, on April 14, 2018, was shown to Gambhir’s younger brother Kulachandra, who immediately recognised his elder brother.

Kulachandra Gambhir was a teenager when Khomdram Gambhir left home. “When I saw the video I could not stop crying,” said Kulachandra. “I could not eat or sleep from the moment I learnt that my brother is alive and I am very excited. This is like waking up from a nightmare.”