Korean-pop all-girl band TWICE will have you looking twice at the music video (above) for their new single What is Love?

The title-track from their fifth EP is remarkable in many ways. For starters, the music video gathered over five million views on YouTube within just six hours of its release, and has amassed 48 million views in less than 10 days.

Secondly, it pays homage to and is inspired by some of the most notable scenes from some of the world’s most famous films.

The video shows all nine members of the popular K-Pop group sitting together with their eyes transfixed on a TV screen. The singers take turns impersonating characters and romantic scenes from films as they explore What is Love? One of the singers undergoes a makeover like the one in Princess Diaries; there’s the unforgettable pottery scene from Ghost; the dance-off from Pulp Fiction and La La Land; they even got the fish-tank scene from Romeo + Juliet and, more unusually, characters from Leon: The Professional. The film didn’t just stick to Hollywood, though – they even paid homage to foreign films like La Boum and Love Letter.

The all-comprehensive, fascinating video draws on the opening lines of the song: “Every day in a movie, in a book, or in a drama, I feel love, I learn about love/ My heart keeps beating as if it’s my own story.”