“Had we discovered a new planet? Or had we simply discovered that a fair planet was possible?” These are the chilling, yet hopeful words that run at the end of Amnesty International’s poignant new film, which dons the disguise of an animated science-fiction story in the video above.

Made by Alessandro Novelli for creative agency Contrapunto BBDO, Planet - J uses animation to talk about human rights. The premise of the story is the discovery of a new planet and a woman’s journey to the planet “J” to explore their life and inhabitants. On her reconnaissance mission, she realises that the planet, where people now live in harmony, was once riddled by violations of human rights – people refused to help refugees and those in poverty, discriminated against women, persecuted those who freely expressed their views... It all sounds eerily similar to our planet, doesn’t it?

The video reveals at the end that Planet J stands for “Planet Justice”, with the aim to remind people that a fairer, just world is possible. The video description similarly says, “Planet - J is a story of journey and a discovery, of hope and possibility, of our present and our future. A fable, a metaphor on intelligent life and human rights, on space and on our time. A story of a different planet and a same world.”