A ten-year-old violin prodigy from Melbourne, Australia has just made history. Christian Li, the wildly talented young man in the video above, just became the youngest person ever to win first prize in the junior category at the 2018 Yehudin Menuhin International Competition.

For those not in the know, the Menuhin Competition is dubbed the “Olympics of the Violin”. The world’s most prestigious competition for the instrument, it is held in a different city around the world every two years. The junior category of the competition – which Li won along with Chloe Chua from Singapore, who is just 11 – is for participants under the age of 22.

Li, who has been playing the violin since he was five, won Swiss Franc 10,000, as did Chua. And both of them also won a one-year “loan of a fine Italian violin”.

The video above of Li’s scintillating performance will clear any doubts about why he won. He played Jaehyuck Choi’s Self in Mind flawlessly, followed by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.