Indian-American stand-up comedian Aparna Nancherla recently performed on The Late Late Show With James Corden with a set that examined protesting babies, the life of an introvert, and serious dehydration.

Nancherla explained that she likes protest rallies, especially when they’re full of babies. “I realised I love seeing babies at protests because I always like to imagine that they came of their own accord, you know?” she remarked. “Like they’re the group that just got to the planet and they’re already so pissed,” Nancherla continued. “They’re like – this is unacceptable. This is not like what the brochure said it would be.”

She also spoke about the difficulties of being an introvert. While most people are afraid of missing out on things, she is the opposite. “I have a fear of missing in.” She often finds herself wondering what her apartment is up to and reminds herself things like, “I’ve got to text my couch later.”

Nancherla also thinks it’s hard to find her tribe in social situations. “I feel like the people who most relate to me are usually not in the room and I can only deeply respect them for living their truths,” she said.