After eight long years, the Syrian war has become so convoluted and complex that at this point it can be hard for anyone to wrap their head around what’s really happening.

What started as nationwide protests in Syria in 2011 over the crackdown on people who drew controversial graffiti about President Bashar al-Assad is now a deadly war that involves multiple countries like United States, Russia, Turkey and Saudia Arabia, as well as religious organisations, terrorist groups and rebel groups. And many innocent civilians.

It may seem like a monumental challenge to try and understand the entire Syrian war in one go – and it is – but East India Comedy’s Sapan Verma breaks down the situation in easy terms in the video above.

“The war in Syria has been on for over eight years – eight years. These days most relationships don’t last that long,” quips the comedian, as he proceeds to explain why the war in Syria started, and what exactly happened during it.

Since the subject is so complicated and involves so many factors, it seemed only natural for Verma to use emojis, news clips, humour and witty puns to break it down. However, that didn’t keep from the dissemination of crucial information.

Verma also explained the three major, chilling issues that resulted in such a devastating war: “lack of a strong opposition in the government, religious divide and intolerance, and curbing of freedom of speech. Sounds familiar?”

“And the rest, as they say, is current affairs.”