Forty-four year-old Marcio Mizael Matolias has built his castle in the sand, but he is by no means a foolish man. He has in fact escaped a life of paying bills and maintaining a house or flat by the simple expedient of making himself a sandcastle on a Rio de Janeiro beach.

This elaborate castle is complete with arches and domes, and there’s enough room, Matolias says, for all his belongings. This video (above) shows where he sleeps, the tiny kitchen, as well as the storage space. Granted it doesn’t look too spacious, but it works well for Matolias who has been residing here for, wait for this, twenty-two years.

But what about a bathroom? Because he couldn’t arrange for plumbing services, Matolias uses the bathroom across the street in a local fire station. Of course, maintaining a house made entirely out of sand certainly comes with some challenges. He finds himself watering his castle for much of the day to ensure it doesn’t collapse.