Dylan McWilliams is a 20-year-old American man who loves the outdoors. He enjoys hiking, camping in the woods, surfing and spending time with nature. What’s not sure is whether he enjoys being attacked by animals in the wild. But he should know, for it’s happened to him three times.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel interviewed McWilliams who has reportedly been attacked by a rattlesnake, a bear and a tiger shark on three separate occasions. Kimmel called him “one of the luckiest, and unluckiest, people in the United States of America” and asked him to narrate his stories (video above).

In 2015, McWilliams was bit by a rattlesnake in Colorado – luckily the bite was without venom so he survived. While camping during the summer of 2017, he was woken up by a bear chewing his head, which left him with some nasty wounds and cuts. Again, he survived. Later, while he was surfing in Hawaii, a tiger shark bit his leg.

Kimmel went on to ask him what the odds are for one person to have been bitten by all three animals, to which McWilliams replied. “National Geographic did a segment and they said the odds of it happening to one person is 893 quadrillion to 1.”