A torrential downpour in Turkey on Sunday has wreaked complete havoc in the country’s capital. Heavy downpours caused flash floods in the Mamak district in Ankara, turbulent enough that they swept away cars and trucks from the road.

The heavy downpour was expected to last for three hours on Saturday afternoon, reported ABC. Instead it came down in just nine minutes, causing the floods.

The dramatic footage (above and below) shows vehicles being swept downstream by the fast-moving floods, and several drivers frantically trying to escape. One man in the video above could be seen clinging to the bonnet of his car for protection.

According to Turkey’s Social Security Minister Julide Sarieroglu, six people were injured in the floods which damaged more than 160 vehicles and 25 businesses. She also said the government was working to assess and alleviate the damage. Mustafa Tuna, the Mayor of Ankara, meanwhile said it was “a natural disaster like never before”.

A video below shows the terrible aftermath of the floods and all the damage left behind in its wake.