Ronan Farrow is the journalist who wrote the Harvey Weinstein exposé for The New Yorker and won a Pulitzer Prize for it. On Saturday, as part of the commencement address at Loyola Marymount University, USA, Farrow narrated his experience writing the story and all the risks – personal, professional and legal – that came with it (video above).

It is well known that Farrow was threatened with lawsuits and more in pursuit of his story, but the personal side of the story was little known about until the address, where he opened up about feeling afraid, his emotional breakdowns, and the challenges the story faced him with.

“The reality is my career was on the rocks. And as a result of my tackling this story as doggedly as I did, it fell apart almost completely,” said Farrow. “I’m not being falsely humble. I was sincerely at a moment when I did not know if I would have a job in journalism a month or two months after, or ever again.”

Listen to the video for the entire story.