The ongoing eruption of the Kilauea volcano on Big Island in Hawaii has led to mass evacuation and widespread destruction. It has also led to toxic gases being emitted, even as streams of lava make their way across the region.

A professional storm chaser, Brandon Clement, decided to record footage from the area, posting a terrifying time-lapse video of lava consuming a car on a street. The Ford Mustang was owned by Michael Hale, who has lost more than his car to this natural disaster.

Clement explained why the car may have been left where it was. “They’ve been restricted from the area for days. Officials allowed residents only back in today for about 8 hours. It took a solid 4 hours of waiting in lines just to get in and that’s if you were right there when they let people in with no advance warning. After speaking with the homeowner’s family, this isn’t a case of wanting insurance money,” he wrote.