Eyal Simchi is a dentist at the Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA. If he were any other dentist, his job would be to inflict pain on children while ensuring a high standard of oral and dental hygiene for them.

Luckily for his young patients, Simchi is not one of those other dentists. He performs magic tricks (like the one in the video above) to put everyone so much at ease that they practically can’t wait to go back to him to have their teeth checked again (Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the drift.)

Magic tricks are not all that Simchi can do. He can even make his patients sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while doing unspeakable things inside their mouths (video below). No wonder the Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry keeps posting videos of his performances on its Facebook page.

Here are some more videos of the dentist’s tricks.