Your old Nokia 3310 phone may have been more powerful than you realise – though not in the conventional way. A new experiment offers viewers a chance to compare an old Nokia phone with a modern-day smartphone in an unusual setting.

The video, released by YouTube channel Kreosan, tests the two phones by charging them with a million volts if electricity each. One million volts, to find out which of the phones can withstand that kind of a jolt.

As it turned out, it was the Nokia phone that reigned supreme, looking absolutely unaffected at the end of it all. The makers of the video then called the number to check whether the phone still worked. It did.

“I can’t believe my eyes,” exclaimed one of the two people conducting the experiment. “I just turn it on after all this and hurray, Nokia made it!” To be fair, it didn’t work during the test, while being charged.

The same test, conducted on a smartphone, didn’t go nearly as well. “The smartphone is going crazy, hope it doesn’t blow up,” the narrator said. The touchscreen gave up and the phone became effectively useless. (The experimenters conducted an autopsy too.)

Viewers were excited at the prospect of the trustworthy Nokia 3310 surviving the ordeal. “Nokia 3310 is indestructible. 1 million volts is nothing in front of Mighty NOKIA 3310. Nokia 3310 can survive a nuclear attack.,” a commentator wrote.