Jashoda Pal from the Bansdroni, a neighbourhood in Kolkata, lives with her two sons and their families. Advanced in years, possibly suffering from memory loss, she has become the centre of social media attraction after someone – probably a neighbour – filmed and posted the video above of her daughter-in-law Swapna beating her up.

According to some reports, Swapna Pal was unhappy that her aged mother-in-law Jashoda used to pluck flowers from nearby plants. The video, posted online, created a furore and led the Kolkata Police to intervene. After some searching, they homed in on the offender Swapna Pal and arrested her.

According to their post of June 30 on Facebook:

“This was not a fight between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law in a TV serial. Not reel life but real life. The daughter-in-law beat up her mother-in-law for plucking flowers from the garden without permission. A neighbour had made a video of this heartless incident and posted it on Facebook. It went viral instantly. Twenty-five thousand people shared the post. We received countless messages to rescue the old lady who had been assaulted.

Sergeant Suvro Chakraborty of Bansdroni Police Station noticed the video and informed the Officer-in-Charge. The officers at the station made quick investigations and identified the house. Jashoda Pal suffers from amnesia. She is incapable of lodging a complaint with the police. Her husband died a few years ago. It has been learnt that she was ill-treated and physically assaulted regularly.

The Bansdroni police arrested the accused, housewife Swapna Pal, at five pm today. Our thanks to readers, from whom we received the news.”