It was supposed to be a casual conversation on a multiplayer online virtual reality game called VRChat. But it took a different direction when a Korean man whose avatar was a bird spoke at length about his gruelling time as an ambulance driver in the military.

“It was very different from Canadian army or US or France,” he said. “Korea has a large-sized army but not enough money to supply all of them.” He added that the supplies they get access to aren’t very good and they try their best to get by with what they have.

Soon the conversation turned into a confession of the Korean’s current problems. And many viewers were moved. A commentator wrote, “Wow. I was expecting some laughs but this was so wholesome. Thanks, Syrmor. I didn’t know I needed this.” Another viewer said, “It’s sad that he can’t find a job. He’s such a nice and wholesome guy who deserves more. I wish there was a gofundme for him.”