It shouldn’t be a surprise that Saudi Arabia has taken the lead to do away with models on the runway. But what it has chosen to do instead is downright spectral (videos above and below). The clothes were flown in by drones, flapping frighteningly in the absence of bodies.

The show was held at the Hilton hotel in Jeddah, where a similar display takes place every year for Ramzan. However, according to CNN, a spokesperson for the exhibition company said they decided to go with drones this year “to bring a change”.

The bizarre fashion show, which many on social media have compared to a “ghost show”, has become a viral sensation of sorts. As Alia Khan, chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion & Design Council in the United Arab Emirates, told CNN, “When you see empty clothes flying in the air, it’s just unappealing and not mesmerising or beautiful. There wasn’t much to make me feel enticed to try that outfit. You lose the shape; the dress is just hanging on the drone.”