Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows have torn twitter apart – and perhaps it’s not the most trivial of controversies.

It all started with the video (above) that shows the Canadian Prime Minister’s speech from a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron at the G7 summit. During the speech, it appeared as though a part of Trudeau’s left eyebrow came loose and “detached” itself. Immediately, rumours sparked that Trudeau was sporting fake eyebrows.

The world of social media ran amok, with people suggesting that “Justin Trudeau is literally falling apart” and with calls being put out for makeup to assist with “eyebrow gate” as people referred to the supposed eyebrow malfunction.

Within hours, Trudeau’s eyebrows had become the unexpected highlight from the G7 summit, and even got themselves a Twitter account.

Russia Today even launched an online poll, asking people if the eyebrows were fake, or just a result of a “trick of the light”. Of course, most people voted for the former.

However, as it turns out, it was indeed the result of just some tricky lighting, as other images and videos from the G7 summit proved. Some Twitter users, including journalists present at G7, even explained the controversial eyebrow and what caused it (below).

Coincidentally (or perhaps not) the eyebrow scandal came just after President Donald Trump slammed Trudeau as “weak and dishonest” on where else but twitter.