Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepted Virat Kohli’s fitness challenge quite a while ago, on May 24. People have been eagerly awaiting videos of the PM’s fitness regime since then. Well, the wait is over and Modi has finally posted a video (above) of his extensive morning exercise routine.

“Here are moments from my morning exercises,” wrote Modi on Twitter, adding more details and also (for those who are interested in such things) spelling “practice” as a verb the American rather than the British way.

In the video, can be seen walking, doing yoga and stretching on a rock, walking along a narrow path, walking barefoot on a foot reflexology path, and doing some breathing exercises. Several camera angles are featured.

The routine is decidedly less energetic than Kohli’s, who had posted a video of himself doing 20 spider planks (below) and tagging Modi.

The Prime Minister passed on the challenge to HD Kumaraswamy, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, who, however, tweeted that he is more concerned about the fitness of his state.