How many World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers does it take to defeat a lion cub in a tug of war? Three are certainly not enough.

How do we know? It may be the part where one of the three burly wrestlers pulling on the rope in the video above said, “She’s not moving,” and gave up on even trying to make the two-and-a-half-year lion cub budge.

It was a rather unusual tug of war match, with WWE wrestlers Ricochet, Fabian Aichner and Killian Dain on one side, and a lioness cub on the other. The match took place in San Antonio Zoo, Texas, US, last month, but only went viral recently. And for good reason, because the video just goes to prove that even three 400-pound professional wrestlers are no match for a lioness.

The activity was set up by zookeepers in 2016 to stimulate the big cats and recreate aspects of their natural environment. “We try to simulate what they would do out in the natural environment. It is tough, they have to forage for food, compete for food, go through long periods of time without food,” San Antonio Zoo Director of Public Relations Chuck Cureau told My San Antonio. “Fortunately in a zoo, they’re going to get that food every single day, but we try to vary it up so they don’t get bored.”

He also commented on how the men’s inability to even pull on the rope demonstrates the power wild animals have. “They may be trained but they’re certainly not tamed, and people underestimate the power of these animals,” he said.