It’s always fun to watch John Oliver tearing Donald Trump apart bit by bit on Last Week Tonight. But Oliver made an exception on his latest segment this Sunday and focussed on just China.

Under Xi Jinping, China, Oliver pointed out, is more authoritarian today than ever before, what with corruption crackdowns on political rivals, removal of the presidential term, internet censorship (even of Winnie the Pooh), state-wide surveillance, mass indoctrination camps, social credit scores, behaviour monitoring system and a lot more.

But, as Oliver noted, “China knows, no matter how badly they behave, the world will still want to do business with them. They’re like Facebook. ‘Oh I’m sorry, you don’t like us mining your data and undercutting a democracy? What exactly are you fu**ers going to do about it?’”

The biggest problem according to Oliver, however, is that “Trump is leaving a vacuum on the world stage and China is more than happy to fill it by telling the world its story and leaving out some very important details.”

So for everyone’s benefit, Oliver responded to China’s questionable “cuddly propaganda videos” released for the One Belt One Road initiative, with an accurate propaganda video of his own, that you can watch towards the end of the segment above.

And, just for fun, here’s a video of Trump saying “China” over and over again: