How long can a comic artist be trolled for her opinion before she hits back – with a music video, of course?

Mallika Dua has starred in a video (above) titled Scyauze Me, Trolls, for the “Trolled” series by the digital channel Rise by TLC. Hers is the second video in the series, following Miss Judged by model and actor Bani J (bottom) aka Gurbani Judge. The song was created by the band When Chai Met Toast.

Dua has been the victim of trolling several times, most notably when she called out Akshay Kumar for his innuendo about her during a show they were judging on television.

Speaking about her experience with trolls when the video was released, Dua said, “It is easy, nah fashionable, to sit behind an anonymous screen, and post lewd comments online. Bravado? Well! yes, if you see how some of the trollers gloat when they make personal and derogatory remarks against you; for body shaming you.”

She added, “At first, I was extremely sad, not angry because when you work for something, you give your best and make it with lots of love. You hope that everyone will appreciate it but gradually you realise that these nameless, shameless idiots’ job is to shit on people who are doing better than them.”