There’s something new trending on social media every few seconds and there’s really no telling what the newest craze will be. One of the latest trends, or at least what looks to be on its way to becoming one, is a simple yet mesmerising visual technique.

The trick, as you can see in the video above, is to identify a beautiful scene, find a reflective surface, and then record in such a way that the image is perfectly mirrored – upside down, basically.

Twitter user “mattwhitlockPM” posted the video of a city skyline reflected in a tiny pool of water on the sidewalk on June 12 and received a whopping 8.8 million views. Since then, other social media users have attempted the same visual trickery and created their own reflective videos and pictures. From a phone screen to water bodies, anything can work if you have enough of an imagination.

Of course, no social media trend is complete without some spectacularly failed attempts.

Last one

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