Ever since its release, Childish Gambino’s searing This is America has become a tool for political and social criticism, even in other countries. But a Malaysian version of the music video (above) uses the song to celebrate the Southeast Asian country.

This is Malaysia, by popular YouTube duo JinnyboyTV, urges the world to look beyond race, creed or ethnicity. It reminds them, “This is Malaysia, don’t call us Chinese now, don’t call us Indian now, don’t call us Malay now, we are Malaysian.”

The video has its satirical moments, but it’s a proud declaration of the all-inclusive Malaysian culture, which it displays by featuring people from all races and creed in the video singing, “Kita semua Malaysia (We are all Malaysia).”

The song also urges Malaysian citizens to take pride the country and be more responsible citizens. “We have to change now, pay PTPN, don’t double park your car, clean up your tray, don’t say ‘on the way’, learn to speak Malay.... respect all women now.” PTPN is the National Higher Education Fund Corporation in Malaysia that provides loans to support Malaysian students through higher education.

The music video, which was released earlier in June, also slips in references to the historic general elections in May, which saw the opposition coalition party Pakatan Harapan defeat the long-ruling tyrannical Barisan Nasional.