A bear in California has shown the world how to relax in summer. It entered a house and lounged in a hot tub while drinking a margarita.

The owner of the house in Altadena, Mark Hough was sitting in his backyard on Friday when he saw the bear jumping over his fence. He retreated at once, only to find sometime later that the bear was sitting in the tub.

Hough took a video of his uninvited guest as he played with the chlorinator in the tub. A few minutes later, the bear walked over to where the glass of margarita had been put, knocked it over and lapped up the drink. His final act in the backyard was to lounge on a tree branch before going back to the street.

“So he had his margarita, he had his jacuzzi, and now he’s ready for an hour nap,” Hough told Associated Press. “It was an interesting Friday to say the least.”