A woman fell at the Massachusetts Avenue station in Boston, USA, during rush hour and was trapped between the platform and the train. She could have been injured badly, but for the heroism of other commuters.

Security camera footage from the station (video above) shows several commuters rushing to physically lift the train to help the woman get out.

According to the police, the accident occurred as the woman was getting off the train. Another commuter named Marleny Polanco was going home from work when she heard the commotion. “I didn’t actually see her fall. I actually jumped out of the car when I heard some screams,” she said. “I was able to see what was happening. She was clearly stuck between the train and the platform.

The people on the platform were able to budge the subway train enough to ensure that the woman could be pulled to safety. She suffered a serious injury on her thigh and was taken to the hospital.

The unnamed woman was reluctant to go because she was worried she couldn’t afford medical treatment.

“She made it a point to say ‘you don’t understand, I have terrible insurance,’” Polanco said. “Everyone just kept saying don’t worry about that, you need medical help.”