Two days after 12 boys and their football coach were found alive and trapped in a cave in Thailand, they appeared to be in good health and spirits, as seen in the video above.

Massive rescue efforts are underway to rescue the boys, who are trapped in a complex cave system in Chiang Rai. They have captured global attention since they were found nine days after disappearing. The Facebook page Thai Navy SEAL released a new video which showed the boys wrapped in foil blankets, saying they are healthy and laughing as a group.

The Guardian reported that medical assistance and food supplies were being provided as the race against time continued to get them out of the cave before it started raining, which could cause water levels to rise.

One of the plans devised is to teach the boys to dive, so that they can escape with the help of navy divers. They are already being made to practise swimming and diving, according to The Guardian. Another plan is to drain the cave system so that the youngsters can walk out wearing life jackets.

Officials stated that they are waiting for the right moment to bring the boys out.