Years ago, Danilo Alarcon had a motorcycle accident in which he suffered a spinal injury. Ever since, he’s been unable to walk and relies on a wheelchair to get him around. This would have been a much more difficult ordeal for the 46-year-old man had he not found a faithful companion – his dog Digong.

The touching video (above) shows him being pushed along in his wheelchair by his pet, even as he uses the wheels to propel himself along. Digong uses his head and nose to help his owner move forward. The puppy, reports Metro, is only seven months old and has been with his owner since birth.

The video was shot by an onlooker, Faith L Revilla in Davao, Philippines, on June 30. According to Metro she saw the scene while driving home with her husband Danjo. “We felt blessed to have witnessed this extra ordinary sight of an amazing creature helping its master manoeuvre his wheelchair along seminary drive. I mean, I thought it only happens in TV shows, this very scenario,” Revilla wrote in the video description, adding that she had no words to describe her emotions.

After capturing the video, Revilla and her husband pulled over and took Alarcon out for lunch, taking the opportunity to have a little chat with him, as you can see in the pictures and videos below.