Some people throw trash out of their cars. A rare few throw cash.

A wealthy woman in South Korea drove about on the streets of Daegu in her luxury car throwing cash around the city. And it wasn’t loose change either. Yonhap News reported that the police collected a total of 15.8 million won (over Rs 9 lakh) from the streets, though they were unable to determine just how much money was scattered across the city.

Apparently the woman drove through eleven different spots in Daegu city centre between 7.25 AM an 8 AM on July 19, dumping cash everywhere, including a parking lot. Since keeping money found on the street is considered theft in South Korea, most of the people who came across the cash handed it over to the police.

According to the Korean Herald, the police then used surveillance camera footage and black box footage from cars to ascertain the car’s licence plate and contacted the driver’s mother, who told them that the driver had expressed a desire to give money to people, but offered no explanation for the reason behind her actions.

The woman, aged 51, had apparently moved from Seoul to Daegu, where her family lives, and the police suspect it was money from the deposit for her leased residence in Seoul that she had scattered all over the city. The police plan to return the money to the woman.